handl Group launches Mind Right

handl Group launches Mind Right

Published 12.01.24


handl Group will get psychological rehab right with Mind Right

handl Group is at the forefront of the legal, insurance and healthcare sectors and we see the way the world is changing. Rapidly. There’s a revolution underway.

A revolution in the provision of mental health treatment and psychological rehabilitation. A sea change in the way we think about the delivery and accessibility of psychological rehab. It’s moved from the fringes of healthcare, to the absolute centre of occupational health, post-accident rehabilitation and personal injury.

But the treatment industry hasn’t always moved with the times. Legacy systems mean that often outdated practices remain resulting in issues such as treatment drift, over-servicing and open-ended treatment plans with inappropriate goals. That approach isn’t delivering the right outcomes for patients. It’s not delivering cost efficiencies for insurers, legal firms and employers, and it’s not delivering the tight, goal-focused treatment pathway management and reporting that case managers and referrers need.

It’s time to stop delivering psychological rehabilitation in less effective ways. 

It’s time to start doing it right.

handl Group is proud to announce the launch of Mind Right.

It’s time to do things differently

In the words of handl Group CCO Chris Chatterton, Mind Right hasn’t just been launched to fill a gap in the market. Mind Right is here to change the way that insurers, legal firms, case managers and employers interact with psychological and mental health services:

Mind Right will do things differently and challenge the status quo. It’s a great addition to our portfolio of complementary businesses that together provide a wide range of solutions to the insurance and legal sectors.”

Chris Chatterton – CCO, handl Group

It’s easy to say you’re going to change an industry. Doing it is more difficult. You need the right market intelligence and the right tools. Specifically trained, nationwide clinical professionals bolster traditional face-to-face treatments with the latest digital and online services to provide unrivalled access at a time when clients need it most. 

But the right tools alone aren’t enough. You also need the right talent in the right places. And at Mind Right, that starts at the top with the appointment of Managing Director, Pete Clark, a highly experienced Occupational Therapist with over two decades’ experience in both case management and directing the provision of psychological treatment, in addition to degrees in both psychology and occupational therapy.

And Pete has big plans for Mind Right’s impact:

Mind Right addresses the needs of the legal, insurance and healthcare sectors by bringing together both commercial and clinical expertise so that we can offer the best possible treatment, while also serving the needs of the people commissioning that treatment.”

Our services will streamline the referral process, allow the referrer to set specific treatment goals, manage treatment drift, reduce the number of sessions and costs, and provide bespoke reporting for individual customers and their stakeholders, as well as delivering on the justifiably high treatment quality expectations of all involved.

There’s going to be continued growth in the demand for client choice. Digital and remote access will be in higher demand for some, while for others, the desire to connect face-to-face with a treating clinician will be greater than ever. Flexibility of approach is an absolute must.”

We’ve built our reputation by setting out to handl things differently. And Mind Right is no exception. From day one we’re setting out to deliver the best treatment options for every single stakeholder.

Mind Right – The Objectives

For Individuals

Mind Right ensures that the person needing psychological rehabilitation has access to the right treatment, focused on the right goals, to help them return to optimum function and a productive, pre-incident life.

For Case Managers

Mind Right supports case managers, preventing them from being swamped by non-billable work and increased administrative tasks that can easily monopolise their time. Treatment drift is eliminated and appropriate, non-emotive, clinically focused reports are delivered. 

For Insurers

Mind Right gives insurers the clear, impartial information needed to fund the right treatments for the right outcomes and keeps them informed every step of the way.

For Solicitors

Mind Right gives solicitors the ability to refer their clients to the best treatment providers who offer the right kind of support and work to clear, clinical pathways that deliver results.

And for Businesses

Mind Right supports employees’ return to work and sustain their recovery in the long term, all while helping and supporting businesses make the right choices at highly competitive price points. 

For every stakeholder, Mind Right provides an exemplary service that leads the psychological treatment revolution and protects the interests of every involved party.

With this launch, everyone at the handl Group is looking forward to driving the changes needed in psychological rehabilitation across the legal, insurance and healthcare sectors. If you’d like to join us and be part of that change, the first step is to visit the new Mind Right website. There, you’ll find all the information you need.

Click here to visit Mind Right.

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