Our Philosophy

When we say growth is our goal, we mean it. Both the growth of the handl Group and of the businesses we acquire. Our entire philosophy is built around helping you grow and achieve your goals as part of a larger whole – without giving up your autonomy. But that’s not our whole acquisition philosophy. Our outlook is supported by three key pillars:

Success breeds success

We believe that success leads to more success. We only acquire businesses that are already successful, profitable and sustainable, and then give them the funding and support needed to move on to the next level.

Collaboration creates opportunity

Success isn’t built by random chance. It’s powered by strategic thinking and synergy. Our philosophy of collaboration means we only acquire brands that work within our chosen verticals, and that can support – and be supported by – our existing brands to create new combined propositions and new opportunities.

People + technology

Everything we do is underpinned by our people + tech philosophy and approach. We only acquire brands that have the right talent in position, and that are demonstrating new innovations in technology, so that they’ll fit seamlessly with our existing portfolio.

“We liked the fact that we could be ourselves and didn’t have to bend to a fixed corporate culture. We have a strong and energetic identity and we knew we needed to keep that and handl Group welcomed this. It wouldn’t have been with some buyers!”

Vikkie Buxton-Cope, Sales Director - Robertson Cooper

Success as part of handl Group is earned by every single business under our umbrella sharing the same values. If you share our philosophy – that success brings more success, that collaboration beats competition, and that the right technology empowers the right people – we want to hear from you. Because our history proves that our philosophy delivers genuine, sustained growth. For everyone.