handl Enables

One of our key criteria for acquisitions is that we invest in companies with big ideas. And big potential. But nobody ever changed the world by just thinking. An idea only realises its full potential if it’s supported. With the right funding, the right advice, and the right perspectives. Three things that handl Group always aims to offer.

We enable your growth.

We enable you to meet your full potential, by providing the capital you need to turn big ideas into valuable business propositions.

We fund your business infrastructure, helping you prepare the ground for your future growth and streamline your path to success.

And we help you work alongside handl Group partner brands, finding ways to cooperate in order to support each other towards meeting your goals.

Wherever you are on your journey, we provide support that enables you to grow.

“handl Group’s management expertise and market intelligence has been invaluable in developing and delivering our growth objectives and strategies.

James Blyth, MD - Coplus