A better way of working

Health and social care is changing rapidly. The NHS is under growing stress, and private companies are stepping up to support the healthcare system, and offer innovative new services to safeguard patients’ health without compromising on quality. handl Group continues to invest in healthcare and social care companies that can keep up with the pace of change and deliver better outcomes for patients and providers alike. 

Forward-thinking technology 

We support EQL, the fast-growth healthcare technology company delivering unique digital pathways for health and social care, including Phio, to reinvent healthcare with accessible, scalable, cost-effective products and systems. 

Expanding into new areas 

We don’t just help Reach maintain its position as the market leader in its niche – where it remains the UK’s most well-regarded dedicated brain and head injury rehabilitation provider of treatment in the homewe’re also helping them expand to support new kinds of head injuries in new markets such as sports injuries. 

Embracing new disciplines 

We continue to support IPRS health – one of the UK’s most innovative healthcare companies – in their rapid expansion as they look to move their clinical service delivery model into a range of new disciplines.  

Companies we’ve invested in are changing the way the health and social care sector works and seizing new opportunities for growth every single day. We can do the same for you.