Why join handl Group as an owner/operator?

Choosing to seek outside investment or a buyer for your business isn’t a decision you’ll take lightly. Building a business is more than a professional task, it’s a personal commitment too – and one you’ll want to be rewarded for.

Working with handl Group offers more than just a financial reward. You’ll also safeguard your employees, secure your business’ future, and preserve your brand legacy:

Reward your hard work

Whether you’re staying with the business to lead it into a new phase of growth, or seeking an exit to leave your company in the hands of other leaders, handl Group will work with you to achieve your goals and secure your business’ long term future success.

Retain your autonomy

If you choose to stay on as a leader, you’ll remain in control of your business’ direction as a part of handl Group. We pride ourselves on helping business owners remain autonomous, treating you as a valued partner with something to offer the entire portfolio of companies.

Protect your employees and customers

A merger or acquisition is a worrying time for the employees who rely on your business to pay their bills. handl Group doesn’t break up and sell off the companies we acquire. We retain key talent, and ensure they’re supported as they continue their crucial work delivering the products and services your customer base has come to rely on.

Whether you’re seeking an exit or looking to remain in place as the leader of a dynamic, growing, profitable part of handl Group, we’re here to support and guide you, offering new opportunities and helping you achieve what you set out to do when you founded your business. To become even more successful and to grow.