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handl Group is a dynamic buy-and-hold investor that transforms businesses by encouraging and enabling co-operation. Our strength is in synergy, finding ways for brands under our umbrella to work together and push each other forwards. To branch out into new markets and new verticals.

About handl Group

We lead the way as an investor in the insurance, health and social care and legal sectors, well informed, encouraging, and able to drive change through our reputation, network and assets. We specialise in identifying opportunities to increase the flexibility of our brands to work across all three of these key sectors. We bring decades of experience and an unrivalled network of contacts to help you take advantage of these opportunities, driving demand, challenging the status quo and reimagining the futures of your sector.  

It’s all powered by our approach: People + tech.

We help you innovate, finding new ways to work alongside other brands in the group to form new propositions and seize new opportunities.

We enable you to grow, nurturing peer-to-peer relationships across our entire group.

We use our unique handl framework as a blueprint to accelerate your growth, and deliver the investment, support, expertise and infrastructure to build your business while retaining your autonomy.  

When it all comes together, all that’s left for you to do is excel – taking your business on a growth trajectory with the right support at your side.

People + tech.
It’s what delivers growth.

handl Group isn’t just an investor. We don’t deliver growth for your business as part of our group by providing financial support and stepping away. Instead, we apply our unique, proven approach to business transformation. People + tech.

Your growth starts with people. Whether it’s helping your existing people develop their skills with peer-to-peer support or giving you the foundations to go out and recruit the talent to drive the next phase of your business, we make sure your people are fully prepared to meet the challenges ahead.

And then we empower them with the right technology. Exciting new tools, systems and workflows developed across handl Group are shared with our brands to find better ways of working. Ways that deliver more for you, your business, and your customers. More success, more opportunities, more growth.

By combining forward-thinking people with leading-edge technology, handl Group innovates, enables, delivers and excels.

“handl has enabled Speed Medical by listening to our dreams, being open to new ideas and allowing us the space to develop and grow.”

Janine Firth | Portfolio Diversification Manager | Speed Medical

How we work
with our brands

Growth comes from the freedom to explore new ideas. That’s why we give all our brands the autonomy and space to seek out new opportunities, backed by the right people and the right technology.

But autonomous doesn’t mean alone. We work hard for our brands, offering:

  • Investment capital – the funding to improve your infrastructure to support quicker growth
  • Governance, strategic insight and guidance – expertise and experience shared to help you meet and maintain the highest standards and spot new opportunities
  • Peer-to-peer support and collaboration – a free exchange of ideas, best practice and intelligence to help our brands collaborate and grow together
  • Industry connections and insight – existing networks that stretch across your industries to open up new opportunities and markets
  • Support for operational excellence – helping you bring your brand up to a higher standard of working, so you can grow by attracting larger, more lucrative clients

Meet our team

  • Portfolio Directors
  • Senior Team

Susan Henry

Portfolio Director

Collaborative, open and with over 18 years’ experience at the intersection of the medical and legal fields as the driving force behind Speed Medical’s ascension to market leader, Susan provides both depth of industry insight and a real understanding of customer journey to the brands in her portfolio.

Martyn Jackson

Portfolio Director

Having built leading brands from scratch for nearly 20 years, when Martyn joined handl as part of the IPRS acquisition, it was only natural that he’d share his experiences and help to develop brands within handl Group as a dedicated portfolio director.
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Graham Pulford

Chief Executive Officer

Decades of entrepreneurial success and leadership experience means Graham can instantly spot the big ideas and offer the governance insights that mark out a successful handl Group brand.

Chris Chatterton

Chief Commercial Officer

As well as sitting on our board as CCO, Chris brings his skills and expertise in the insurance and legal fields to bear as one of our dedicated portfolio directors - taking responsibility for market leaders and challenger brands alike.

Ian Robins

Chief Financial Officer

Hailing from Leeds, Ian studied economics at the University of Manchester before completing accountancy training with Ernst & Young. As an integral part of handl Group, Ian uses his in-depth financial knowledge and extensive experience to help ensure that the group makes sound investments and decisions enabling it to grow and develop in line with our long-term goals

Dan Franklin

Chief Strategy Officer

Successful synergy relies on successful strategy. Dan’s keen strategic insights allow him to uncover how a brand interacts within the group, paving the way for successful acquisitions by identifying, maximising and delivering on value enhancing investment opportunities.

Emily Brown

Senior Executive Assistant

Calm, analytical, and with an eye on the big picture, Emily’s procedural proactivity is key to the smooth day-to-day operations of handl’s leadership team and the brand as a whole.
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Our history

Even the biggest success stories begin with a single idea. Ours started in 1998, with an idea to grow Speed Medical into a market leader. Over two decades and 20 brands later, here we are.

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Established 1998

Now recognised as the largest independent medico-legal reporting provider, Speed Medical began as a specialist provider of medico-legal reports to the legal and insurance sectors. Speed Medical would grow over the next decade to become the award-winning market leader and diversify into new verticals with more complementary services, including treatment and rehabilitation.

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Susan Henry

Susan Henry joins Speed Medical as Operations Director, and will later become a handl Group Portfolio Director with several brands under her remit

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Graham Pulford

Joins Speed Medical as Managing Director, and will later become handl Group Chief Executive Officer

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Chris Chatterton

Chatterton joins as Commercial Director, adding his wealth of experience to our growing talent base. Chris is currently Chief Commercial Officer and a Portfolio Director at handl Group.

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Established 1990
Acquired June 2013

An acquisition in complex medico-legal reporting broadening the customer base.

MLA specialises in complex and industrial disease (ID) medico-legal reports. The acquisition
of the UK’s longest-standing heritage medico-legal business helped us corner the market in
Industrial Disease and Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) and begin to expand into new
areas, such as housing disrepair.

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Established 1998
Acquired May 2014

Acquired for claims handling and underwriting expertise.

Coplus provides 24/7 claims handling services and builds and markets ancillary insurance
products, allowing us to work more prominently within the insurance sector – specifically as
part of the claims lifecycle.
handl Group is investing in an innovative platform helping insurers and brokers to bring
products to the market faster

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Ian Robins

Ian joins as Chief Financial Officer in Speed, and later becomes handl Group Chief Financial Officer

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Corporé & TTN

Established 1998
Acquired March 2016

Acquired to build a footprint with direct general insurers, adding new clinical
services to the group’s capabilities.

With the acquisition of Corporé and The Treatment Network, we were able to move into
serious injury rehabilitation case management, as the group continued to branch out into
new areas and embrace new strategic opportunities

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Established 2007
Acquired June 2018

Handl Group’s first investment in family and criminal reporting.

Foresight has a long, proud history of psychological reporting for the courts. The company
provides expert witness reports for the criminal and family law verticals, allowing us to
operate more closely with law firms around the UK.

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handl Group

Launched February 2019

The formation of handl Group.

With five brands under our umbrella and a desire to make further acquisitions, it was time
for a change. We rebranded FL360 to become handl Group and started an acceleration of
growth, through launching and investing in start-ups and through acquisition, that continues
to this day.

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Dan Franklin joins as an M&A Advisor, later taking up the role of Chief Strategy Officer.

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Invested February 2019
Launched June 2019

Seed capital in the rapidly evolving health-tech space.

As handl Group, we were able to launch new brands and early-stage businesses as well as
acquire them – the first being EQL, a specialist tech company providing a range of solutions.
EQL’s ground-breaking first product, Phio, offers digital triage and treatment for
musculoskeletal injuries.

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Harrison Associates

Established 1985
Acquired April 2019

Investment in life changing injury management services.

Harrison Associates fit in seamlessly with our existing portfolio of serious injury case
management and expert witness reporting businesses, expanding further into the fields of
catastrophic injuries.

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Invested 2019
Launched April 2019

An investment in doing things differently – addressing litigation time and costs.

Another tech launch, this time a digitally-enabled start-up set to challenge and change the
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) market in personal injury.

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Advanced CCA

Established 2005
Acquired November 2019

The Group’s first investment in the social care space.

handl Group continued to expand in the expert witness field, acquiring Advanced Child Care
Assessments – later renamed as Advanced CCA, a leading provider of independent social
work assessments.

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Tessa Gough & Associates

Established 1987
Acquired October 2020

Acquisition in the specialist expert witness space.
As one of the leading names in their field, Tessa Gough Associates helps us to expand on the
reports provided by previous acquisition, Harrison Associates. Tessa Gough Associates
provides the personal injury market with care, aids and equipment reports, liability reports,
alongside INA’s and loss of service reports for high value and catastrophic injuries.
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Established 1995
Acquired December 2020

First investment in home-based rehabilitation.

Reach is the only national provider of community and home-based rehab to people with
Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) and head trauma. As experts in
traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, Reach broadened our specialist rehabilitation offering
for injured parties recovering from mild to catastrophic brain and head injuries, while
solidifying our portfolio’s links with case management and insurance companies

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Mind Right

Invested 2020
Launched February 2021

Backed the formation of a start-up with seed customers from within the group.

We launched Mind Right as a start-up to transform psychological rehab and provide a better
way of doing things in Personal Injury (PI) and occupational medicine. The right way. The
Mind Right way. To eliminate treatment drift and transform psychological rehabilitation by
providing a highly focused, stepped care approach.

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Cogent Hire

Invested 2020
Launched June 2021

Seed financing and customers from within the group to support a challenger
business model.

Launched by handl as a start-up credit hire brand, Cogent Hire is an industry disruptor
focused on removing the infamous friction that makes life difficult for insurers, businesses
and drivers alike – and on challenging the status quo for an entire industry.

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Robertson Cooper

Established 1997
Acquired in December 2021

An investment in strategic consulting.

Experts in workplace wellbeing and resilience strategies, training and measurement to
global brands, Robertson Cooper started life as a university spin-off, before growing to serve
the corporate market.

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IPRS Health

Established 1995
Acquired in April 2022

A step into PMI and occupational medicine with employed clinicians.

An award-winning occupational health and rehabilitation services provider, IPRS Health helps
us to provide innovative treatments that deliver enhanced results for clients without sending
client costs spiralling. This acquisition saw handl Group’s portfolio expand in the corporate
and insurance sectors, in addition to building on the capabilities of our existing brands.

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Established 2001
Acquired in April 2022

Investment into government outsourcing contracts.

Providing international medics, court custody health, and ambulance and paramedic
services to clients including the Home Office, Aeromed’s specialities mean that handl can
now offer an even wider range of specialist medical services.

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Established 2012
Acquired in April 2022

Supporting the Department of Work and Pensions.

An independent provider of quality medical assessments for individuals with a health
condition or disability, this acquisition increased handl’s employed clinician headcount whilst
expanding our range of clinical assessments.

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Established 2002
Acquired in April 2022

The first product-led handl Group acquisition.

Mediquipe is the first handl Group company to provide a product of a capital nature rather
than an operating nature. Distributors of world-leading Biodex physical rehabilitation
equipment, Mediquipe will help us to improve our offerings in Sports & Orthopaedic and

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We’ve Got The Key

Established in 2022
Launched in June 2022

Supporting a market consolidation opportunity.

We’ve Got The Key is a unique proposition in the market – a national locksmith service with
its own vans and vehicles. We’ve Got The Key also provides a supply network for Coplus’ key
product, seamlessly supporting another handl brand while consolidating our portfolio’s
position in a growing market.

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