Transparent and straightforward

handl Group’s acquisition criteria are transparent and straightforward. While joining handl Group will obviously require an in-depth look at your company, your finances and what you bring to the market, our initial criteria will give you a clear indication of whether or not you’ll be a good fit to join our burgeoning group of companies.

We ensure our vision is aligned before embarking on any new journey. By focusing on sustainable value creation, we invest to help our businesses achieve their true potential through innovation, talent and collaboration.

Dan Franklin, Chief Strategy Officer | handl Group

If you’re interested in becoming a part of our group, ask yourself the following five questions:

1. Do you move in our circles?

handl Group operates in three core sectors: Health and Social Care, Legal, and Insurance.

Our strategy is to cement our group as an expert in these sectors, so we only consider businesses operating in these fields.

2. Do you fit in with our existing portfolio?

Our success is built on a collaborative philosophy. That means we acquire companies that complement and synergise with our existing portfolio. We’re interested in businesses that can expand our existing service and product suites to increase our market share, accelerate our growth plans, and help us enter new markets.

3. Is your leadership group committed?

Brands in the handl portfolio work autonomously under our umbrella, with key leaders remaining in place to guide the acquired company to the next stage of its development. Where leaders are looking to exit, we still consider an acquisition if their second-tier leadership team demonstrates exceptional talent, commitment and vision.

4. Are you financially secure?

handl Group works with proven, profitable businesses that join us with an EBITDA of over £0.5m. That gives us a solid base to build on, as do recurring revenue models, long term contracts and short working capital cycles – all of which show real financial potential for your business.

5. Are you UK-based?

Our existing portfolio spans over 30 UK locations ranging from Scotland to the South of England. But we are focused primarily on the UK market, even as we look to expand our reach internationally.

Five simple questions.
And five answers which
you’ll already know.

If you meet our M&A criteria and want to know more about how your company will operate as part of the handl Group, we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.