A better way of working

In the insurance sector, there are two ways of doing things. The way it’s always been done, and the way it could be done better. handl Group has helped its brands find that better way of working. With our ‘people + tech’ approach, and a commitment to finding synergies between our brands, we’ve challenged the status quo in the insurance market time and time again.

Collaboration and innovation

We bring together expertise across different brands, helping Coplus to deploy their innovative FNOL technology in collaboration with Cogent Hire, for faster, simpler claims handling. And we help WGTK collaborate with insurers, offering an innovative service that’s changing the way key replacement works.  

Growth year on year

We help Cogent Hire to change the way credit hire works for the better, with a new collaboration-focused model where everyone gets a better deal. It’s working with Cogent Hire delivering growth year on year.

Innovative new platform

And we’ve backed the development of Coplus’ innovative new platform to provide insurers and brokers with the ability to bring products to their markets rapidly – reducing historic wait times by over 60%.

Companies we’ve invested in are changing the way the insurance sector works and seizing new opportunities for growth every single day. We can do the same for you.