Working with handl Group

handl Group serves the needs of clients across the UK and beyond through our brands and combined propositions. So if you’re looking to bring your ideas and your talents to handl Group, it’s only natural you’ll have questions.

The highest professional standards

Every business within the handl Group maintains the highest professional standards. We’ve set out to lead the market within our chosen sectors, and that means setting a gold standard for quality, customer service and product and service delivery. Whatever you need, you can trust our brands to handl it.

Professional development

People + technology isn’t just an approach we take for businesses. We take it for individuals too. Working with us as an industry expert, you’ll have access to support and the highest quality technology. All of which help us deliver better results for all of our group’s customers.
But autonomous doesn’t mean alone.

Mentorship and collaboration

If you choose to work with – or for – one of the brands in our group, you won’t just have access to the knowledge, skills and products of one specific company. We share ideas, information and a peer-to-peer support network across the whole group, offering new perspectives, new ways of working and better, more in-depth services.

Becoming part of handl group

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