Why work with handl Group as an M&A advisor?

handl Group chooses to work with M&A advisors, because we appreciate the knowledge, skills and hard work you bring to any acquisition. But why do M&A advisors choose to work with us? We know it’s your role to present only the best, most suitable options to your clients. But what makes us the right choice?

We put your clients’ needs first

Our portfolio is built with long-term success and long-term growth in mind. We only work with companies that we can help – and that can help us to achieve our goals of sustainable growth across the whole handl Group.

Hard work gets rewarded

M&A advisors enjoy working with us because of what we can offer to you as well as your clients. We aim to close deals quickly and efficiently, and accommodate diverse deal structures to ensure they – and you – are always suitably rewarded.

We’re always transparent

Working with a buy-and-hold company should be simple, clear and certain for the M&A advisor. We’re always open, always honest, and always entirely transparent – so you’ll always know what’s about to happen. We keep an open dialogue, treating you as a partner, not a go-between, so you’ll always feel valued and listened to.

If one of the companies you’re seeking a buyer for fits our criteria, then we want to open that dialogue with you today. Get in touch, and we’ll discuss all of your clients’ goals, and your requirements. Then, together, we’ll get a fair deal done as quickly and as professionally as possible. Your growth is our goal.