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About Us | handl group

handl group is dedicated to providing services that make outsourcing simple.

Whether it’s managing supply chains, providing claims management solutions or improving cost efficiencies, our brands deliver bespoke solutions that make a real difference.


At handl, you won’t find just another ordinary service. Here, we handl things differently. We add value, we innovate and we maintain the highest standards, creating disruptive ideas that shape the market.


To tackle industry problems head on. It’s our vision to transform our customers into the market-leading organisations of tomorrow.


Doing things a little differently is who we are.

We are Always Accountable. We take responsibility for our actions and decisions and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards.

We do everything we can to streamline process – never over-complicating, always Simply Done.

We build Trust and Integrity by fostering real relationships through honesty, openness and transparency.

Our organisation is Ever-evolving. We don’t sit still; we always work to improve, innovate and be the best we can be.

There isn’t anything we can’t handl.