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How do you ensure your business receives the investment, the expertise and hard-won knowledge it needs to build even greater success?

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We’re a buy-and-hold investor that specialises in spotting companies with genuine promise and providing them with the expertise and support to innovate and excel. To meet all their aspirations. To grow. To thrive.

At handl Group we lead the way as an investor in the health and social care, legal and insurance sectors. We back the market leaders and help launch companies that challenge the status quo. And we’re always searching for businesses and people with the talent and vision to grow.

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How we work with our brands

handl Group isn’t ‘just’ an investment company. We’re an ideas company. We identify brands with exciting new ideas and apply our ‘people + tech’ approach to help you realise them.

We find people with ideas that disrupt and challenge the marketplace and help them create brands from the ground up.

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We help you innovate, finding new ways to work alongside other brands in the group to form new propositions and seize new opportunities.

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We enable you to grow, nurturing peer-to-peer relationships across our entire group.

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We use our unique handl framework as a blueprint to accelerate your growth, and deliver the investment, support, expertise and infrastructure to build your business while retaining your autonomy.

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When it all comes together, all that’s left for you to do is excel – taking your business on a growth trajectory with the right support at your side.

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Your success is
in your hands

We support. Suggest. Enable. As a handl Group brand, you’ll retain your own autonomy, with the freedom to make the right decisions for your business.

“We liked the fact that we could be ourselves and didn’t have to bend to a fixed corporate culture. We have a strong and energetic identity and we knew we needed to keep that and handl Group welcomed this. It wouldn’t have been with some buyers!”

Vikkie Buxton-Cope, Sales Director – Robertson Cooper

With handl’s support and encouragement, we’ve reviewed and redesigned our systems and processes ensuring we continue to excel in every aspect of best practice, compliance and governance.”

Kim Morris, Clinical Operation Director – TG Associates

“handl Group’s management expertise and market intelligence has been invaluable in developing and delivering our growth objectives and strategies.

James Blyth, MD – Coplus

The understanding handl has for the markets we move in, and the support of the group have been invaluable to empower our start-up. They’ve helped us deliver the right service from the very start”

Pete Clark, MD – Mind Right

handl Group has always supported innovation in my business, offering guidance,
investment, strategic feedback and full-on encouragement.”

Heather Batey, Founder – Reach Personal Injury

Joining handl Group feels like we’ve joined an organisation full of like-minded professionals, striving to grow while supporting each other.”

Sarah Roddy, General Manager – Advanced CCA

“It was important to us that we didn’t get swallowed up and dictated to. handl Group had realistic expectations, are willing to collaborate to support growth and aren’t looking to sell us on.”

Ben Moss, Managing Director – Robertson Cooper

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