We’re proud to welcome PSP and Osiris Health to handl Group

We’re proud to welcome PSP and Osiris Health to handl Group

Published 10.06.24


handl Group’s health and wellbeing division is set to offer even more value and increase its complex care range of services, thanks to the newest members of our growing collection of brands.

We’ve already made a name for ourselves in the world of neuro rehabilitation, thanks to the hard work and expertise of brands like Reach and Mind Right. So when we saw the opportunity to join forces with some of the country’s most knowledgeable neuro rehabilitation experts, we had to take it.

Our own Dan Franklin explains:

Who are PSP and Osiris Health?

Paediatric Specialist Physiotherapy (PSP) and Osiris Health are ambitious, North West-based businesses with huge expertise in spasticity management. They’re leading the way in specialist neuro rehab treatment using botulinum toxins, and are growing fast as a result of the demand for their expertise.

The sister companies offer specialist neuro rehabilitation for children (PSP) and adults (Osiris Health), and provide care, compassion and quality in everything they do. Which makes them a perfect fit for our growing health and wellbeing division.

How will they be working with handl Group?

If neuro rehabilitation seems familiar to you, it’s because handl Group’s portfolio already contains leaders in that field. So the next step will be to help our new acquisitions work closely with our existing brands to develop even better services, combined value propositions and of course a multi-disciplinary approach to improving outcomes for all kinds of patients.

PSP’s Peter Sanderson will also be remaining with the business as a Clinical Services Director, providing his expertise and experience to our whole health and wellbeing division. And that’s a fair amount of expertise to share. As a key opinion leader in the field of spasticity and an honorary senior lecturer in neuro rehabilitation at UCLAN, Peter’s worked within both the public and private sectors and been a national, European and international advisor on Spasticity management. 

Peter’s excited about the opportunity presented – not just for PSP and Osiris Health, but for the group as a whole:

I’d been exploring the opportunity to make PSP and Osiris Health a part of the handl Group for some time, and I’d built a great working relationship with Dan and the team. As Clinical Services Director, I’ll be able to continue the work we’ve started, keep the health and wellbeing division’s vision aligned, and ensure that more patients than ever before have access to industry-leading clinical interventions and treatment.

What’s next?

Your growth is always our goal, with handl Group looking to continue expanding with new acquisitions across all of our divisions. We’re on the lookout for companies who – like PSP and Osiris Health – move in our circles, share our goals, and can work alongside our existing brands.

To learn more about our acquisition criteria, click here for our five key questions.

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