Meet Phio Access, EQL’s MSK digital triage support tool!

Meet Phio Access, EQL’s MSK digital triage support tool!

Published 12.01.24


On Thursday 20th June, we welcomed Phio Access, EQL’s MSK digital triage support tool, at their launch party at Google Campus in London. Attended by press and industry leaders in the healthcare and insurance markets, Phio Access forms part of a developing portfolio of products designed to radically improve global healthcare systems..

What is Phio Access?

EQL’s first solution, Phio Access, is a musculoskeletal (MSK) digital triage support tool that uses conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to guide patients through an initial assessment of their MSK condition. 

What does Phio Access do?

Prior to Phio Access’ launch, initial assessments could take up to four months. Digital transformation of the process enables faster access to physiotherapy and advice which expedites recovery, improving the patient’s short and long-term health outcomes. 

What are the benefits of Phio?

Accessible 24/7 and available in any language, Phio is a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional physiotherapy triage and human-led self-managed care. Phio is an ideal option for companies in the health insurance market and those operating in the private and public healthcare sector. It can complement existing services and is a strong alternative for many telephone based and remote physiotherapy services. It also offers dramatically improved customer journeys and has the ability to radically improve health outcomes.

What does the future hold for EQL?

(Updated content November 2020) EQL has now partnered with three of the largest providers to the NHS in the UK, gained early traction internationally with insurers and providers and won multiple health innovation awards. 

If you’d like to meet Phio, go to the EQL website here.

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