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handl innovates

We’re focused on ideas and opportunities that allow us to change the way people work and think about the services they offer. It’s important to understand your market and your customers - not just what they want from a service but also their pain points, their concerns and the challenges they have to overcome.


We use that deeper understanding of customers and their needs to continually innovate and challenge current methods and ways of working. That’s exactly what we constantly do through a combination of experience, people and technology. We invest heavily in building products and services that allow us to help you work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

case studies

To tackle industry problems head on, handl Group developed Cobalt, a revolutionary motor claims proposition that combines people and data to drive better decision making and improve commercial and customer outcomes.

Cobalt is a fully customisable, bespoke solution for first and third party motor claims management. Designed to improve customer experience, slash operational expenditure and achieve greater efficiencies, Cobalt can be utilised as a fully managed end-to-end process from first contact to claims settlement.

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