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Simplify Post-Reform Claims with an 85% First Call Resolution Rate

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Government reform to small claims will pose new challenges for insurers seeking to resolve both fault and non-fault claims quickly and effectively. As established processes become redundant and with the introduction of the Official Injury Claim (OIC) Portal, insurers must adapt their response, adopt new solutions, and turn today’s potentially frustrated claimants into tomorrow’s engaged customers.

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handl Engage enables you to adopt sophisticated claims solutions and limit the risk of other parties escalating claims whilst ensuring that claimants are engaged in a claims process that you control. In 85% of cases, our solution places claims on the right track from the very first call – uses skilled people plus leading-edge technology to analyse the data, makes the right decisions at the right time and provides a ‘first call resolution’ plan that brings in expert providers from across our family of brands and beyond.

Whether claims are fault or non-fault, whether they involve repair or total loss, mobility, personal injury or arbitration, partnering with handl Engage allows you to quickly and efficiently manage even the most complex of claims and help your clients or third-party claimants to navigate a complicated new system.

Customers will be treated fairly as standard. Claims will be managed efficiently and cost-effectively. Your business’ reputation will be protected - thanks to handl Engage.


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A New Way to Navigate the Post-Reform Claims Landscape

New reforms have the potential to leave your company exposed. With small claims now processed through the OIC portal, you could be at risk. Manage this risk with a tailored package that draws on the expertise of our independent, trusted and sophisticated specialists.

You’re at potential risk from:

  • Increased operational expenses dealing with a huge backlog of new claimants.
  • Increased costs caused by ‘Professional Enablers’ looking to escalate claims over the £5,000 threshold.
  • Reputational damage caused by frustrating delays to claimants who don’t know how to navigate the new portals.
  • Fraudulent claims caused by gaps and loopholes in a system that’s new, unproven and untested in the real world.

We provide:

  • First Call Resolution claims handling that treats LiPs like customers, guiding them smoothly through the new systems.
  • Proactive outcome focused, digitally enabled triage and rehabilitation from FNOL that supports LiPs and puts you in control of the claim.
  • Rapid, independent, completely impartial claims settlements that don’t need to wait for court judgements.
  • Bespoke MI and data analytics that empower your decision making and drive operational change where it’s needed.
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Manage the Changing World of Claims with a Trusted Portfolio of Products

To meet the rapidly changing requirements of motor vehicle claims, you require service that draws upon a suite of services from trusted expert providers.

handl Engage’s complete claim solution is that suite, bringing together award-winning professional services and products from our portfolio of brands and beyond to support you with everything from the First Notification of Loss (FNOL), through vehicle repair and credit hire, triage and medical reporting, to rehabilitation, arbitration and final settlement.

Speaking initially with an expert incident manager, supported by the latest technology, each claim will be subject to detailed analysis before every aspect of the claim is placed on the right track - providing a fully tailored solution after just a single call in over 85% of cases.

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Maximising our unique independent position in the claims market and benefitting from our years of expertise, handl Engage tailors a flexible, modular, scalable support system to meet the changing requirements of your end-to-end claims handling. A system that can be integrated fully with your existing systems and infrastructure, provide meaningful analytical MI and data insights, and ultimately deliver timely, efficient resolutions for claimants.


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Claim Process Timeline

handl engage’s claim solution is
powered by the following brands:

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Expert Claims Handling

Drawing on over 30 years’ experience in the motor legal expenses market, Coplus’ reputation is built on putting customers first after a road traffic accident. Fully FCA authorised, Coplus’ industry-leading PI capture and concierge service, new digital journey and team of claims managers support claimants using the OIC from FNOL onwards. Working with brokers, insurers and service providers, Coplus’ claims handling delivers effective, efficient customer-focused support for LiPs in the post-reforms world.

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Collaborative Credit Hire

The reforms mean that the old ways of working are no longer appropriate, and Cogent Hire’s commitment to transparent, honest and fair credit hire services are leading the way for change. Cogent Hire’s collaborative credit hire service is built on working with claimants, referrers, and insurers to remove friction and deliver the very best outcomes for every involved party.

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Award-Winning Rehabilitation

A multi-award winning case management and rehabilitation company with over 23 years’ experience, Corporé leads the market in collaborative, outcome-focused rehabilitation for injured parties following a road traffic accident. Using innovative technology and the UK’s leading digital MSK triage system, Phio Engage, Corporé supports all parties during a claim, identifying the correct care pathways, reducing the time to access rehabilitation, and enabling quicker and more cost-effective claims resolution.

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Rapid Medical Reporting

Speed Medical’s award-winning service is built on the insight and expertise of over 5,000 clinical professionals from all over the UK. With a national reputation for excellence in medical reporting and rehabilitation, Speed Medical streamlines the LiP’s customer journey, integrating with service providers to provide initial investigations, additional reporting, rehabilitation treatments and diagnostic investigations.

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Independent, Impartial Arbitration

Claimspace is handl Group’s proven ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) platform for claims dispute resolution. A completely independent arbitration system that fully integrates with MoJ and OIC portals, Claimspace doesn’t take sides, instead working with all parties to give insurers and claimants peace of mind with legally-binding decisions that save time and money.

Whether you require the full suite of assistance or a more modular approach to claims handling, from our brands or your own preferred suppliers, our expert CCO Chris Chatterton is consulting with insurance business leaders to discuss the challenges you face and tailor a unique handl Engage solution to meet all your requirements.

Expert Guidance to Empower Your Business and Engage Your Claimants

handl Engage’s complete claim solution empowers insurers by limiting the risk of claims being escalated by other parties, and reducing the time and expense needed to handle a backlog of claims from potentially frustrated claimants.

First Call Resolution establishes liability on the very first call, accurately identifies whether vehicles need to be repaired or written off as a total loss, and places clients on the correct tracks for mobility, bodily injury and rehabilitation. Enabled by market-leading data analysis our skilled claims handling agents are empowered to make the right decision at the right time, saving operational expenditure, keeping all stakeholders ‘Engaged’ and efficiently managing the entire claims process. Whether you select from an ‘appetite menu’ your own preferred supplier network or decide to utilise our preferred providers, claims are speedily and efficiently resolved.


Over 85% of handl Engage clients achieve a First Call Resolution ‘in call,’ with 8% of all resolutions reached within as little as two hours.

But handl Engage doesn’t only look after the needs of insurers. Your customers are treated fairly too, taking them on as a customer and ensuring that they have a positive experience. This fair treatment leaves claimants feeling fully supported, fully Engaged - and fully prepared to choose your business as their next insurance provider.


"Our suite of businesses working together under our handl Engage brand provides insurers with a complete claims solution that reduces the risk of fraud and enables insurers to better manage their reserving.

Our Engage technology also helps achieve the industry’s and the government’s aim of reducing unmeritorious injury claims.

It's time to Engage."


Chris Chatterton

Chief Commercial Officer, handl Group


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With handl engage , you reduce the risk of claimants falling into the hands of ‘Professional Enablers’ looking to escalate claims and costs at your business’ expense.

Instead, you benefit from effective, cost-efficient end-to-end support for your claims handling, backed by a complete claims solution that allows you to tailor a modular service that meets your needs while treating clients fairly.

Choose a professional, expert solution to the new challenges presented by the reforms to claims - one that empowers your business and engages your customers.

Trust us to handl it.

Engage with Chris Chatterton today for a free, personal consultation and to learn more.

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