handl annual report 2022

handl annual report 2022

Published 12.01.22


At the end of the last financial year in May 2021, we were under no illusions – we knew that there’d be further challenges on the way, like continuing impacts of the Covid-19 response, and sweeping regulatory reforms affecting lower value road traffic accident claims. A decrease in the volume of accidents as drivers stayed home, combined with new self-service requirements and reduced compensation tariffs, led to a decrease in the number of claims for our subsidiaries to handle.

With these challenges clear in our minds, we focused on four main objectives for the year:

  • Increase the activities and initiatives that drive profits
  • Improve the way we collaborate with internal and external partners
  • Build more resilient businesses across the group
  • Embark on a digital transformation journey

We’re proud to say that over the past 12 months, we’ve made huge strides towards all four of these objectives.

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