handl annual report. 2021.

handl annual report. 2021.

Published 12.01.21


That said, there’s no denying that the last year was a test for everyone. The markets we operate in continue to be saturated and competitive. Combined with the long-awaited regulatory reforms to introduce the Litigants in Person self-serve portal, we were preparing for a tough year ahead with big plans to venture into new territories.

Then the coronavirus outbreak hit and we had no choice but to change course and adapt to ensure the survival of our portfolio businesses and face the challenge head on. There is no blueprint for how to deal with such unprecedented circumstances on a worldwide scale, however it truly demonstrated the importance of having tried and tested business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Our employees’ safety and protection was paramount and as a group we achieved 95% of employees home working within a matter of weeks.

Like many other industries handl Group and it’s subsidiaries have been no exception to the impact of the pandemic and multiple periods of lockdown. The main factor of concern being road travel reducing up to 73% during periods of lockdown. In addition to this we have been faced with court closures, school closures and bans on face to face treatment and prison visits. However despite all this the group has demonstrated resilience and an ability to strategically adapt to unprecedented circumstances, ultimately enabling the future success of each business.

As CEO of handl Group I am extremely proud of each individual who has contributed to the success of navigating us through what can only be described as an extremely turbulent year.

Now, as our markets recover from recent setbacks, each of handl Group’s portfolio of businesses is gearing up to do what we do best, creating radical change and brand-new opportunities in the industry through a constant process of growth and innovation. 

“We’re not just here to grow.
We’re here to grow well.”

Graham Pulford – handl Group CEO

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