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From unlocking value for our customers across our portfolio to supporting our communities and the environment in which we work – at handl Group, we act responsibly in everything we do, always working to enhance our multiple relationships and motivating our people to deliver better, more sustainable business practices.

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Clinical Governance

Across our portfolio, we have a number of market-leading healthcare and legal brands. When it comes to these sectors, our clients need to know our brands deliver a service they can trust.

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Business Governance

At handl, we know the importance of conducting business in an open, honest manner – and we ensure our responsible and sustainable business practices are embedded into the way we work with clients, suppliers and our employees.

That’s why each of our healthcare and legal brands drive clinical quality, improve efficiencies and utilise clinical experts who are highly experienced in their field. We also perform regular auditing and ensure exceptional safety and clinical regulations come as standard for each of our healthcare and legal brands.

To ensure the highest standards are maintained, our necessary brands have a clinical quality and governance strategy which incorporates:

  • A strong clinical knowledge and oversight
  • Suitable training for all staff
  • An effective audit programme
  • Standardising internal processes
  • Demonstrating governance and adherence to industry best practice


Across our brands, we maintain a stringent recruitment process, ensuring all third parties uphold the latest certificates and registrations as well as the minimum clinical experience required for quality assurance.

We invite only the very best experts to join our brands’ networks and continually monitor their performance and quality of their work.

Audits and Reviews:

We conduct regular clinical audits across our necessary brands as well as file reviews to make sure our exceptional standards are maintained.

If you’d like any more information on our Clinical Governance, please send an email to

All of our brands adhere to the strictest regulations and standards, ensuring our clients know that when they choose any handl Group company, they choose market-leading services, experienced personnel and a commitment to excellence.

Investors in People Gold, Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 9001 are just some of the accreditations and awards our portfolio holds, offering our clients and their customers the assurance they need when working with any one of our brands.

Policies and procedures

All our brands endeavour to conduct business in an open, honest and transparent way, which is why responsible and sustainable practice is embedded into the way we do business.

Social purpose, climate change and modern slavery are challenges all businesses face. In order to properly tackle these issues, we have a detailed framework of policies and procedures in place across handl Group. This covers our approach to human rights, health and safety, the environment and the community.

Protecting data and information

As we work with sensitive client data, we ensure all personal information is processed lawfully. We understand data protection is a crucial component to the success of our operations, so we make sure our businesses and clients feel confident when working with us and adhere to the principles of data protection as set out in our Data Protection Policies.

Managing environmental performance

With the current climate, we know it’s important to deliver our services to clients in an environmentally sustainable manner. We recognise the importance of being environmentally conscious of our brands’ carbon footprints contributing to climate change and the resources we use. That’s why we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint and using resources wisely.

Our brands echo our commitment to the environment and ensure opportunities for working sustainably – such as recycling bins – are already in place. For the brands which don’t yet have the facilities in place to do this, plans are taking shape to ensure a more eco-friendly approach is taken in the future.

Health, safety and employee wellbeing

At handl, we want our employees to enjoy each and every working day. That’s why we believe that a safe working environment is not just the right thing to do, it’s also good for business, reducing sickness absence and increasing retention rates.

Each and every one of our portfolio brands has at least six dedicated, qualified First Aiders in place, on average. As we know health doesn’t just cover our employees’ physical body, we also have a dedicated Mental Health First Aider on site to ensure our employees’ mental well-being is cared for.