Changes at Mind Right and Reach – Introducing Sarah Preston

Changes at Mind Right and Reach – Introducing Sarah Preston

Published 17.06.24


If you’re serious about growth, you can’t ever stand still. You need to keep innovating, keep finding new talent, and keep seizing new opportunities. That’s true for all of the brands across the handl Group, and it’s why both Mind Right and Reach have an exciting announcement to make.

Introducing Sarah Preston – GM for Mind Right and Reach

An expert in leadership and change management with decades of experience as a clinical nurse, NHS manager and head of operations, Sarah Preston’s seen it all during her career in the health and wellbeing sector. 

She’s recently successfully overseen the restructuring and post-Covid rebranding of a leading medical services provider, and has now joined handl Group as her next challenge.

I am delighted to be able to announce that today, I have joined the healthcare division of the handl Group. I will be working specifically with Mind Right and Reach as General Manager supporting Pete Clark and Heather Batey respectively to take on their newly created Clinical Services Director roles. Together we will continue to grow the businesses and the offerings they bring to you with an added twist of innovation. I will also be supporting the Group as other acquisitions and developments take place in the exciting world of rehabilitation, treatment, case management and beyond.

Sarah Preston – General Manager, Reach and Mind Right

In her role as General Manager, Sarah will be supporting the existing leadership of both Reach and Mind Right, bringing new ideas and fresh innovation to two of our most successful brands.

What about the existing leadership?

That doesn’t mean it’s the end of the journey for Mind Right’s Pete Clark or Reach’s Heather Batey. Both will be remaining with their respective companies as clinical services directors. 

This will give both of our long-standing clinical experts the chance to collaborate more closely, develop new ideas, and find ways of bringing together brands from across the healthcare division. 

“Sarah’s wealth of experience will enable me to transition into the newly created role of Clinical Services Director where I will continue to have ultimate responsibility for the clinical services we deliver. The change will enable me to have a far greater clinical focus as well as designing and bringing to market new and exciting clinical services.”

“I’ll also have the opportunity to work closely with the other newly appointed CSDs, including Heather Batey, across the division to find clinical synergy across our businesses and work closer together than ever before.”

Pete Clark, Clinical Services Director – Mind Right

We’re sure you’ll join us in wishing Sarah, Pete and Heather the very best of luck in their new roles as they continue to strengthen our group as a whole.

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