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10/8/2020 Product Launch

handl Group welcomes Pete Clark

At handl Group we recognise talent and are on a constant drive to attract and retain people who can make a difference. This month we welcomed a former Director of Psychological Services, Pete Clark, to the team to work on a brand new initiative that will be launching into the market place in the final quarter of 2020.

Pete Clark, an Occupational Therapist and Psychology graduate with over two decades’ of clinical experience, including many as a Case Manager followed by roles within Corporate and Psychological Services, joins us to lead on a project that will maximise the use of his talents enhanced by the support of the experienced handl Group board of directors. 

"It's a pleasure to be joining such a dynamic and forward thinking group. Thomas Edison said ‘There is a way to do it better – find it’. At handl Group I've found the environment where that way, the better way, to deliver industry changing services, can thrive.”

Pete Clark

“handl Group provides an incubator ecosystem where ideas and innovative solutions are encouraged and developed into businesses that make a difference. Securing Pete to lead an exciting new venture means we’ll benefit from the best use of his industry knowledge, contacts, clinical leadership and commercial acumen whilst creating a solution that works in the right way for everyone.”

Chris Chatterton, Chief Commercial Officer, handl Group

A warm welcome to Pete from everyone at handl Group and the portfolio brands. We're looking forward to once again launching a much needed and innovative solution to the market. 

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