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4/12/2022 handl

Employee health set to benefit from handl Group’s digital treatment proposition

Digital healthcare products will be a key tool in tackling the impact of the pandemic on employee health, according to Chris Chatterton, chief commercial officer of health and claims services provider handl Group.


Chatterton was speaking after the launch of Healix Connex, a digital health benefit providing employers with accelerated access to key clinical support services for a fraction of the cost of private medical insurance (PMI).


handl Group brands have provided a number of digital tools to Healix Connex, including triage and management of MSK (musculoskeletal) injuries (using EQL’s Phio Access and Phio Engage), and an AI-driven mental health tool, via Mind Right, which is already used by the NHS.

The Group has also made available a national network of 5000 clinics for employers and employees to interact with if digital treatment needs to be supplemented with face to face consultations.


Chris said: “It is an overused phrase, but the health of the nation is in a perfect storm. Six million people are on NHS waiting lists, and remote working has caused all manner of problems, from poor working environments that lead to MSK issues, to mental health illness induced by isolating for extended periods.”

“Only 11% of employees are eligible for PMI benefits, which leaves the rest of the workforce to fend for themselves. This is a big problem for the NHS but also for employers, and we wanted to put our digital treatments to good use.”


Chris said that now is the perfect time for employers to take advantage of the significant advances made in the field of digital treatment, which has resulted in low-cost tools that can bridge the gap between no healthcare offering at all and expensive private medical insurance for executive level employees.

“We’re seeing many instances of big companies struggling to fulfil daily tasks because so many of their employees are off work.”

“Our tools provide immediate and targeted support, they are endorsed by clinicians, they get employees back on their feet quicker than having to wait for treatment through an overstretched NHS, and they don’t cost very much.”

He added: “Of course technology is always on. There is no ‘off’ button for our digital treatments, so they can be accessed 24/7.”

He explained that data and MI was another valuable benefit to employers. “Our tools enable businesses to identify issues, at individual, team or even departmental level, giving management insight into emerging trends among their employees.“


Pointing to recent group acquisitions in the corporate healthcare space, Chris said: “Following our recent purchase of Robertson Cooper, which works with corporate, public sector and higher education clients to deliver sustainable mental health and wellbeing, we have now created a bundled proposition within the Group that combines human expertise with the very latest digital treatment technology.”

“We are keen to talk to corporate entities and other institutions who are struggling to deal with the health and well-being of their employees.”

“We found that, during the pandemic, injured people needing our rehabilitation services were  happy accessing those services digitally, when they were unable to see their physio or psychologist personally.”

“In general people are much more comfortable dealing with technology across many aspects of their lives in the post-Covid world. Digital treatment provision will make a lasting contribution to getting our health and wellbeing provision back under control, so we are very excited to be part of this healthcare revolution.”



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