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9/29/2021 award wins handl Group speed medical corporé

Double victory for two of handl Group’s brands

handl Group is delighted to announce a double award victory at the British Claims Awards for two of its portfolio brands – Speed Medical and Corporé.

Our multi award-winning case management and rehabilitation business Corporé won the ‘Major Loss’ award, with the judges commenting that the business is a credit to the claims sector and labelling its work in the major incident space ‘exceptional’.

Our other highly deserving winner was Speed Medical, handl Group’s leading independent medical reporting and rehabilitation provider, who took home the competitive Best Employer Award for the team’s dedication and ‘can do’ attitude during a particularly challenging year.

The wins owe much to handl Group’s ethos of enabling its brands and empowering its leaders to set new benchmarks for quality and how they are equipped with the support and consultation they need to reengineer their businesses and achieve outstanding excellence – whether that be to the customer or their employees.

Speed Medical - dedication through a time of unprecedented chaos. 

Speed Medical team’s dedication and ‘can do’ attitude allowed them to continue to support their customers needs throughout the challenging circumstances. It was down to the hard work of the team that they were able to excel and seamlessly maintain our industry renowned personable service delivery.

Over the last 18 months the safety and well-being of our teams has never been more important, and Speed Medical have worked hard to ensure that their teams continued to feel valued and supported throughout this time.

Their quick and efficient move to a 100% remote based operation was due to the hard work, knowledge and skills of their brilliant team. Speed Medical invested heavily in personal development plans, external qualifications, career progression and development opportunities. 

The judges at the British Claims Awards noted that “Speed Medical stood out for its investment throughout the pandemic, in everything from technology to wellbeing. Its employees were empowered and supported with a broad response in a year when this employer also secured an Investors in People Gold award.” 

Corporé – An exemplary, sensitive and highly positive handling of a particularly demanding incident.

Corporé’s Major Loss Award was in recognition of their exemplary case management and bespoke rehabilitation provided to the survivors of an unprecedented event that completely shocked the nation. The award was even more exceptional as in the industry it’s often assumed that ‘Major Loss’ relates to buildings or structural assets, whereas this submission related to a wholly human story. 

Following the major incident, Corporé’s team demonstrated a hugely positive impact on all of those affected by providing innovative and bespoke rehab at scale. Their team on the ground played an instrumental role in the recovery process of those affected, going above and beyond to help through outcome focussed, managed rehabilitation programmes. Corporé provided immediate support, with Rehabilitation Case Managers on hand to help in normalising feelings of trauma and provide anxiety management exercises. Trauma training clinicians were deployed to assess rehabilitation needs in the vicinity of the incident. Their approach resulted in first class, unrivalled service in difficult circumstances.     

Tailoring their approach to reach and help as many of those involved as possible, Corporé worked hard to balance therapeutic integrity with personalisation, developing relationships with each individual based on trust and respect. The one-to-one relationships that the team developed have led to what was described in an independent report as engagement of a ‘notably high level’ with only a 6% DNA rate for psychological rehabilitation sessions.

Despite the challenging circumstances of this case, independent assessment of the rehabilitative services delivered by Corporé states that the evidence that exists is ‘rich and positive’ with ‘very significant improvements’ evident.

With 5 nominations in 4 categories, with 2 outright winners, our congratulations go to all nominees across handl Group:

MLA (Medical Legal Appointments) - Employer of the Year.

Speed Medical Examination Services - Winner, Employer of the Year.

Cobalt Insurance Solutions - Best Use of Tech.

Corporé - Winner, Major Loss.

EQL - Insurtech of the Year.


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