Unveiling Our New Growth Strategy – A Divisional Model

Unveiling Our New Growth Strategy – A Divisional Model

Published 01.02.24


Attendees are still unpacking everything we learned at the handl Conference, but perhaps the most exciting news isn’t that our group is now in the top 2% of UK businesses. It’s not that we’ve acquired new members and seen new ways to disrupt the legal, insurance and health & social care sectors.

It’s that we’ve identified a way to turn exciting growth into continual growth. A new way of structuring the handl Group to make it easier than ever before for the brands in the handl family to seize new opportunities and expand into new areas.

It’s our new divisional model, and it’s one of the biggest changes in our group’s history.

Our new divisional model

At our conference, group CCO Chris Chatterton and CSO Dan Franklin announced a new strategy for handl Group.

Historically, brands across the group have been guided by the efforts of our senior leadership team, but in recent years we’ve seen individual brands become more independent, more self-supporting. There’s a renewed focus on partnerships and combined propositions.

And that means there’s an opportunity here. By building on the work of our portfolio directors, we’ll be organising the group into divisions under new management teams. We’ll be investing in talent, bringing in 17 new managers to oversee the new divisions, and finalising 7 key promotions from within the group.

It’s a way of letting us continue to corner markets in specific sectors, build up sector-specific expertise and talent, and still leave the door open for future acquisitions and growth.

And the process of hiring our first divisional MDs has already begun.

What this means for our brands

For the brands within the handl Group, all of this change really means more of the same. More growth, more opportunity, more success.

Backed by new experts and fresh ideas, each brand will be supported as part of a new flexible structure designed from the ground up to power growth. Instead of having access to a small senior team, spread thin across the whole group, brands can turn to divisional heads with more time and deeper insights into specific areas of expertise.

It’s a recipe for sustained growth, new products, increased revenues, and of course new customers.

New strategy, for the same goal – your growth

We’ll have more announcements as we hire the first of our divisional managing directors in the coming months. The first roles we’re looking to fill are the head of our Insurance Support Services division, and the head of our Healthcare division.

These new divisional MDs will help align everyone across the handl Group strategically, and serve as the template for our future divisions.

2024 looks to be an exciting year for the whole handl Group. And the best is yet to come.

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